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A Few Words About Us

BLT Foods was created to help people achieve their health and nutrition goals through food.  By combining Chef’s culinary expertise with nutritionist’s, BLT Foods has been able to create gourmet meals that are rich in flavor and balanced in nutrition.  BLT Foods’ meals range between 250-750 calories, are made with fresh ingredients, and are labeled with all the pertinent nutritional information.  Our staff is committed to keeping the menu fresh so your taste buds never get bored.  We offer a minimum of 20 dishes at all times but introduce new dishes and chef specials every week.

The BLT Foods experience extends much further than nutritious mouthwatering meals.  BLT is committed to every aspect of the meal prep service.  It starts with Chef’s experience handling food and managing kitchens – your safety is never compromised.  This commitment is also paramount to BLT’s packaging, cooling, and delivery standards which provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve.  Finally, our customer service is what truly sets BLT apart.  To put it simply, we care!  Not just about your satisfaction but with you achieving your health goals.  We are here for our clients every step of the way!

With health and nutrition at the center of our meal prep service we have teamed up with Dr. Jill Oliver, a Nevada Board Certified MD who specializes in weight loss and wellness.  Dr. Oliver embodies the core philosophy that inspired BLT Foods – “Nutrition is the foundation for all of our bodies functions and should be the first step in all health improvement plans”.   Not only does Dr. Oliver provide valuable nutritional advice to BLT, she works directly with many BLT clients to provide customized individual treatment.  Dr. Oliver’s background is in molecular and cellular biology, basically the science of life at the DNA level.  Through her comprehensive blood testing she determines if there are any underlying factors that need to be addressed such as hormone imbalance, insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, and vitamin deficiencies.

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying!

  • More please.  I may order 10 of these next week and I never liked asparagus!

  • I never thought I would “love” tilapia.  I do!

  • So good, I will eat it cold.  I find myself craving it!

  • Losing weight and feeling great!  The food is amazing!

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