BLT Terms and Conditions

BLT provides web based food ordering, preparation, and delivery for its customers. As a member and customer of BLT I understand that BLT prepares food in a kitchen that may have traces of nuts, soy, wheat, or other allergens. I have notified BLT’s customer service of any allergies that I have in writing and prior to ordering.

I understand the importance of the temperature of food while being stored. I acknowledge that when I receive my food order from BLT, it has been kept at a temperature of 40 degrees or cooler. I understand that it is not safe for food to remain in warmer temperatures above 40 degrees for any amount of time. I recognize my responsibility to immediately refrigerate or freeze BLT food upon receipt. If I am negligent in placing the items in the refrigerator, I hold responsibility for any consequences relating to the improper storage of the food.

Because of the perishable nature of BLT’s food delivery, I understand that after I place an order there is no replacement or returns for previously delivered food. BLT has the right to reject any order from anyone for any reason using its sole and complete discretion.

While using BLT’s website to place my orders, I will not upload, post, email or otherwise make available any content that is copyrighted, trademarked, includes proprietary rights of another persons, is threatening, obscene or pornographic, or falsely impersonating another person. I understand that BLT reserves the sole right to deny any person access to our website if BLT deems necessary for any reason at their sole discretion. I further understand that BLT may change or delete my user name and password at any time they see fit to do so.

I acknowledge that BLT will delivery the meals I have ordered at my doorstep within a 2 hour window of the estimated delivery time. Upon arrival, all food will be prepared and stored at industry standards for food safety. If the food is not immediately refrigerated or kept at a temperature of 40 degrees farenheit, I will discard the food. I do not hold BLT liable or culpable for consequences related to food safety when not immediately stored at temperatures at or below 40 degrees farenhiet upon or after delivery to me.

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